An organized list of links to my stories based on topic

I got the idea to create a Table of Contents from Casira Copes. I like that she just has a list pinned on her Medium page with emojis for easy navigation, and I’ve recently felt frustrated by the Medium profile format (I wish profiles were more like publications and allowed for category bars up top).

Below you’ll find a list of my articles to date, organized by category (articles listed newest to oldest).

And here’s my About Me story to get to know me better:
About Me — Madison Pattin

Social Justice/Racism:

As a Woman, I Always Look for the Exits

Is Discrimination Against Tattooed Women a Thing of the Past?

I Miss Chicago, But Not Its Woke Culture

What ‘The Racial Contract’ Teaches Us About Racism Today

Does Makeup Still Play a Part in Women Being Hired?

The Perpetuation of Male Irresponsibility

What to Consider Before Protesting

Taking A Page From The ACLU: Chauvin Is Guilty, But Racism Persists

Helping White People Discuss Racism with Family and Friends

Adam Toledo’s Death Reminds Us of the Complexities of Disinvestment and Gentrification

Racism, Trump, and Evangelicalism

The American Illusion: The Melting Pot That Drowns


Stop Licking Me

Are You There, Dog? It’s Me, Madison.

Wellness (The Enneagram, Sobriety, etc.):

The Importance of Family History in Treating Alcoholism

How I Got (And Stayed) Sober

The Enneagram: An Overview

Books and Reading:

How the Sequel Outshined Its Predecessor

Why Evan Thomas’s ‘First’ Belongs on Your Bookshelf

6 Essential Books Written By Black Women

Lessons Learned From Reading Guilt

The Author Who Keeps My Imagination Alive

3 Lessons I Learned From Reading “Harry Potter” as an Adult

Life (Advice and Vents):

When You’re a Fish Out of Water

I Switched Job Locations and Immediately Put in My Two Weeks

No, The Customer Isn’t Always Right

How To Succeed In A Panel Interview

I’m a grad school drop-out who writes about a myriad of topics including social justice, my rescue dogs, and books. Instagram: @mathsiiin

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